Twenty Sixteen in Microstock

This year has been an extremely busy one for me, both personally, and with regards to Microstock.  My job ate up most of my free time with 60 and 70 hour work weeks and my family fostered an amazing young lady that we’re in the process of adopting.  It’s obvious […] Read more »

A Little Bit of Positivity

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have been really hard on Pond5 over the past year.  And it’s real easy to complain about how things are going there and the poor relations they have with contributors. So, I while contemplating yet another rant, I decided to think about the […] Read more »

Some new charts

If you’ve visited in the past week, you probably noticed that I added some new charts to the right sidebar where I have tracking data.  The first chart labled “Agency Sales 2012” represents the number of footage files sold for the agencies listed.  One thing you’ll notice is that Pond5 […] Read more »

The beat goes on…

October already… Wow, does time fly. Lot’s of changes in my life over the past few months. First, I’ve purchased a lot of new equipment, including a new camera.  I’ll be posting reviews.  I sold my T2i and was going to buy a T3i, but I ran across an amazing […] Read more »

The King is Dead! Long Live The King.

I’m going through my financials for this year and there is a very disturbing trend…  Sales on Pond5 are slowly dying.  My overall sales for this year are down from last year. Even worse, my August payout is the worst payout I’ve had since January of 2010.  Now part of […] Read more »