Some new charts

If you’ve visited in the past week, you probably noticed that I added some new charts to the right sidebar where I have tracking data.  The first chart labled “Agency Sales 2012” represents the number of footage files sold for the agencies listed.  One thing you’ll notice is that Pond5 is trending down, while Shutterstock is trending up.  At the present rate, those should meet early next year.

The second chart is revenue by year, although not in dollars.  I don’t want to give out how much I actually make. I mostly want to show the trends.

I’ll add ClipCanvas into the charts soon since they have become a major player for me in the past couple of years.

One thing that is extremely important to understand, especially for anyone just starting out.  The stock photography market is over-saturated and it’s EXTREMELY difficult to make much money without a massive portfolio. The stock footage market is starting to move in that direction.  Without a massive portfolio of unique and high quality items, don’t expect to make enough money to live off of.  Look at it more as a little extra money each month to pay for some gas in your car and a few nights out with your significant other.

Artists who are making a significant amount of money have been in the game for some time, have large portfolios and spend a LOT of hours adding new content on a weekly basis.  it’s actually a big job to be successful in the industry now.  That’s not to say that if you put in the effort and have the quality, you won’t also be successful.  But you can’t upload 100 clips and expect to make much of anything these days.  There are too many people in the game now.

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