The Summer Slump Cometh!

Twelve days into July and I can tell that the summer slump has smacked Pond5 in the face.  My sales are about average with last year, which was dismal.  And I think the Euro crisis has really hit ClipCanvas hard, as sales there have plummeted in the past two months.  In addition to poor sales there, the balancing of the Euro versus the dollar means you don’t get that extra bump in the U.S. when requesting a payout.

Shutterstock is bucking the trend, but I think that’s mostly because they are marketing the footage side hardcore right now.  And new customers signing up make up for existing customers going on vacation.

Also, Pond5 has changed their script that posts sales from 2am eastern to 10:30pm eastern.  Not sure why, but it means we won’t get that extra bump before payout on the 15th.

How are your sales this summer?

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