Adding over 1000 new video clips to Shutterstock

So, I get a phone call out of the blue one day from an executive at Shutterstock. He asks if I have time to chat. And what a conversation it turns out to be. He was generally interested in my opinions about not only the microstock industry as a whole, but my brutally honest opinions about Shutterstock.

He was very observant, and noticed that I had only a couple hundred footage clips on Shutterstock and nearly 1500 on Pond5. He offers to upload the remainder of my portfolio into my Shutterstock portfolio if I mail them to him on a hard drive.  So, I took him up on his offer.

My hard drive arrived on Friday and his team is in the process of importing the clips I sent into my portfolio.  I had to create a CSV file for them, but that was relatively simple (I cheated and downloaded a CSV file from Pond5, modified it and gave it to Shutterstock).

Given that Shutterstock is being ULTRA aggressive right now in their attempt to dethrone Pond5 as the reigning king of microstock footage, I’m hoping the added clips will make up for dismal sales this summer on Pond5. And possibly light a fire under Pond5’s collective butts to actually finish the projects they’ve been promising for years now.

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