Time to upgrade my gear

While I have been out shooting a lot more footage for Microstock this year after a dismal performance last year, I am still spending a lot of time shooting commercials for local businesses and working on short films. The great thing about that is it pushes you to the limits of your gear and in some cases forces you to upgrade. Which, of course, is very beneficial to shooting for stock as well.

My gear at the end of 2011 consisted of:

  • Canon T2i DSLR
  • Tamron 28-300mm zoom lens with vibration compensation (image stabilization)
  • Pentax 50mm F/1.4 lens with EOS adapter
  • Weifeng 717AH Tripod (fluid head video tripod)
  • Zoom H1 Portable Recorder
  • Rode VideoMIC
  • HTDZ HT-81 Shotgun Microphone
  • indiSystem indiSLIDERmini (2-foot camera slider)
  • Tripod Dolly
  • Glidecam Steadicam

Slowly but surely, I’ve been selling off my old equipment and upgrading.  So far I’ve sold the Zoom H1 and upgraded to a Tascam DR-40 audio recorder. I sold the Tamron 28-300mm lens and bought a Tamrom 17-50mm F/2.8 zoom with VC. And I’ve sold the camera slider since I rarely ever used it. My plan is to also sell the Glidecam (a gift from a friend) which is an older model that is overkill for my small Canon T2i DSLR and get a newer model.  I also sold my HTDZ shotfun MIC and am selling my Rode VideoMIC to upgrade to a better shotgun MIC.  I haven’t been using either of my shotgun mics lately… using my Audio-Technica AT3550 LAV mics instead.

I am also planning to sell my T2i and upgrade to the T3i in the next month.  Why such a minor upgrade? Because the T3i will let me use my 8 existing camera batteries, my existing battery grip and other accessories. And I could really use the flip out screen from the T3i.

I plan on posting reviews of the new equipment as I get it.

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