Pond5 adds After Effects Projects to product sales

Pond5 made a big announcement on Wednesday that they are now selling After Effects projects.  This is after adding Audio files (music and sound effects) earlier in the year.  Pond5 takes another huge leap towards being a “one-stop shop” for Video production.

The process is fairly simple, you just upload a ZIP file with your AE project, a video preview and any additional assets required.  A few AE projects are already online with a price between $50 and $100 each.

RevoStock already sells After Effects projects and has for some time.  In fact, I think it’s probably a bigger part of their business than footage. However, they require a ridiculous quiz process in order to get approved for selling AE projects.  Which is the major reason why I don’t sell AE projects or Audio files on RevoStock (I have one of the Top 10 selling music files on Pond5).

If you’re not already selling AE project files and you’re thinking about it, one thing to consider is creating them in the oldest version of After Effects that you own.  Newer versions of AE can open older projects, but older versions cannot open project files from newer versions.  So contributing CS4 ot CS5 projects will limit your buyers since a lot of buyers will use older versions.  Pond5 supports Version 6 as the oldest you can upload.  Sadly, AE does not allow you to export project files in older formats even if your project does not use any new features.

Another pitfall to avoid is using expensive plugins in your projects.  If you are using TrapCode particular or some other commercial plugin, render out the layer and include the pre-rendered video.  Remember, many buyers probably don’t have all the plugins you do.

In the Mac world, Final Cut and Final Cut Pro are quickly catching up with After Effects in market share.  RevoStock realized this and started offering Final Cut projects recently.  Hopefully, after the bugs are worked out for AE, Pond5 will consider adding FC support as well.  I also think it would be a mistake if they added Stock Photography to their plate.  I know as a producer I use stock photos in a lot of my video projects, but the Stock Photo world is a completely different animal and I don’t think Pond5 would fare well in that world.  The only exception I could see would be support for still video assets like 3D still renders, matte paintings, etc…

The only other product I could see them adding in the future is 3D models, but that’s a lot like Stock Photography in that it’s a whole other world.  Personally, I’d love to sell my 3D models and projects on Pond5, but there are too many 3D formats out there to support and do it right.

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