Batten down the hatches

In my little corner of the world, the weather is starting to turn colder and we’re getting more frequent storms.  Shooting footage and photos outdoor starts to become less of an option. So, I’m spending every good day out shooting new stuff and every bad day preparing for a long winter inside.

Fortunately, my skills include Cinema 4D which is a 3D animation and illustration program.  So I am not limited to just photography and video footage.  I am preparing a list of animations and illustrations I want to create over the Winter months.  Gathering up assets (buying models, textures, etc..) and making sure all of my software is patched and ready to go.

I’m cleaning up my studio… Well, the tiny part of the house I took over as a photo studio.  I’m making sure my backdrops are clean and wrinkle free.  Making sure I have all the lighting fixtures I need.  Making sure I have plenty of light bulbs (I use strictly 5600k daylight balanced bulbs).  I’m making a list of props I want to look for in thrift-stores or on eBay.  And I’m checking my equipment to make sure everything works and is ready to go.

The long winter is also when I do a lot of my marketing… sending letters and post cards to TV stations and companies that produce TV commercials. And it’s also when I do a lot of  market research.  I use excel to build a list of popular keywords over the past year and when they were popular… trying to find trends for the upcoming year.

I also plan to “catch up” on editing and submitting clips.  I’ve got several hundred that remain unedited on my hard drive because I’ve been concentrating on shooting as much as I can when I can.

What are your winter plans?

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