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These past two months I have been very busy with a number of projects.  I worked as an Associate Producer and Director of Photography on an small Indie Film. I took a few consulting gigs as a photographer. I wrote a script for a documentary I plan to start shooting in October.  And I signed on as an Associate Producer and Director of Photography on a local TV/Web show.

As a consequence of all that, I have purchased a lot of support equipment for my two cameras.  A shotgun microphone, an external audio recorder, lav mics, lighting equipment, and more. So over the next month I’ll be posting blogs on the equipment I’ve purchased and how I’m using most of it to shoot stock photography as well as the video projects they were purchased for.

When I need something for a project the very first place I look to see what might be useful and actually work is a web site called CheesyCam.  CheesyCam is dedicated to cheap film making. It occasionally has posts about DIY projects for building useful equipment (Track Dolly, Shoulder Mount, DSLR Cage, etc..).  But they also find a lot of really good deals on cheap equipment (usually directly from Chinese distributors on eBay).  Best of all, most of the reviews posted include accompanied video which demonstrates the equipment being reviewed. I highly recommend the site.

In the meantime, here is a short film I worked on for the 48 Hour Film Festival in Kansas City over the summer.


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  1. Ktisis says:

    Did you get the news about iSyndica? Shutting down. I wonder if anyone else will step up to this (potentially) lucrative plate, so to speak?

  2. Dave Navarro says:

    Yeah, I am saddened by it.

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