August 2010 Sales Report

The first half of August was a continuation of the summer slump with more sales woes.  Things did start to pick up some mid-month and the final week was a very good week bringing August sales up to respectable levels.

August 2010
Agency Clips Sold Portfolio Size
Pond5 66 (+4) 1099 (+52)
RevoStock 11 (+4) 321 (+22)
ShutterStock 9 (+3) 148 (+9)
ClipCanvas 2 (+2) 227 (+18)
MediaStock 0 (+0) 78 (+0)
Can Stock 1 (+0) 46 (+2)
iStock 0 (+0) 17 (+1)
Fotolia 0 4 (+0)

Believe it or not, RevoStock went toe to toe with Pond5 for the first 11 days of August.  Not that Revo sales were so spectacular, Pond5 sales were just that bad.  It also helped that I sold my first bundle on Revo.  I also had some rejections that I thought were out of line.  A friend of mine posted this quote “Yes, for a site that sells the least RevoStock has the biggest rejection rate.”  They just don’t seem to understand the overall footage market.  It’s nice that they curate submissions better than Pond5, but I they have also rejected a number of clips that sell very well on Pond5.  When they reject clips for suspect reasons, it just kills any motivation to spend time uploading there. They just don’t seem to be serious about selling footage.

As I mentioned previously, Pond5 started out extremely slow and then came roaring back with lots of sales at the end of the month to make it a respectable sales month over all.  There have been a LOT of  new people uploading clips to Pond5 lately which has caused very long delays in getting stuff into the uploads page to be submitted.  To make matters worse, there are dozens of new artists who are literally submitting hundreds of animations rendered from tutorials, and free animation demos like particleIllusion.  And the Pond5 curator is just letting everything through.  It doesn’t appear that there is any actual “curating”  going on there.  The file count keeps getting higher at Pond5, but the quality of clips is going down and I imagine at some point buyers will get frustrated with too much spam and poor quality clips.  Pond5 needs to do something to curb the number of new artists and they need to actually spend some time looking at each submission for quality and redundancy issues.  It would really be great if they started looking at keyword spam too.

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