June 2010 Sales Report

I HATE THE SUMMER SLUMP!  My clip sales are way down overall, even on Pond5, and my revenue per clip is also down.  RevoStock is actually up a little bit.   I didn’t submit nearly as many clips in June as I should have, but I did manage to produce a lot more.  It’s just a lot of work to process everything. Oh, and my AC issues I mentioned previously caught up to me…  My computer overheated and the motherboard took a dive.  So I have the added expense of replacing my motherboard, processor and video card in June.

One of the reasons for not getting as much edited is because I decided to head out at night and see what was around to shoot video of.  There’s actually not a lot of night stock video since most stock shooters don’t have a camera which can shoot good video at night.  Armed with my precious Canon T2i, I ventured out and managed to shoot about 60 pretty good clips and maybe another 30 that could work after some tweaking.

June 2010
Agency Clips Sold Portfolio Size
Pond5 61 (-26) 1037 (+28)
RevoStock 7 (+3) 283 (+22)
ShutterStock 1 (-3) 138 (+7)
ClipCanvas 1 (-4) 204 (+18)
MediaStock 0 (+0) 78 (+0)
Can Stock 1 (+1) 44 (+6)
iStock 0 (+0) 16 (+0)
Fotolia 0 4 (+0)

I’m guessing that the free credits that Pond5 gave away a couple of months ago have mostly dried up.  Most artists I know are also reporting much lower sales on Pond5 as well.  Dollar-wise, June was down 38% from May.  And unfortunately, Pond5 has gone back to ignoring artists in the forums again.  And numerous reported bugs on the web site have been ignored for weeks now.  One of the owners, whom I think is their main programmer, had a baby recently, so I can certainly understand if he wants to spend all of his time with is wife and child.  But you’d think some of the others would step up.  The curator has also been behind in reviewing clips, but a couple of new artists mailed in hard drives with hundreds of new clips on them, so that’s what gummed up the works.  They’re about a week to 10 days behind right now.  And, as usual, my big mouth has caused some issues.  Because I bitch on the Pond5 forums and give my honest opinion, such as in this blog entry, most of my clips have been removed from the “Curator Selects” bin which is what feeds the home page.  And they’re no longer going to add any of my newer clips to the bin. Such is the price you pay for freedom of speech.

As I had mentioned previously, RevoStock has overhauled their pricing and added a new feature which allows artist to bundle clips together and sell the bundle at a discount. I haven’t sold any bundles yet, but I have seen several sold on Revo, so it’s helped out their sales a lot.  I was able to lower prices on a number of clips to match those on Pond5 which resulted in 3 more sales for June over May.  We’ll have to see if things improve overall.  Although I sold  3 more clips, I actually only made a few dollars more.  RevoStock needs to dump their whole exclusivity program and give artists the same 50% as Pond5 and other leading agencies.  With their MUCH lower sales than the top agencies, you’d have to be a complete idiot to sell clips exclusively with them. One problem that still remains with their pricing is the upper end is still limited. A friend of mine took some footage of the gulf disaster early on and sold it exclusively through Pond5 where he could control the price and get top dollar for it.  That’s a lot of sales Revo’s missing out on.  Of course, now that it’s been going on for some time, the footage isn’t worth as much so it’s being uploaded to all of the agencies.

ClipCanvas was a major disappointment in June.  Only one sale.  But, I was finally able to navigate through their horrible web interface for repricing clips and get my portfolio cleaned up.  They are definitely growing faster than any other agency right now as tons of new artists are joining and uploading.  And that’s probably why individual sales numbers are down, because the sales are being spread out over more people.  So, it comes down again to a numbers game.  The more clips you have with an agency, the higher your sales should be.

After a couple of great months with ShutterStock, their back to selling very little.  Although I did get through their model release process so now I can start uploading a lot more model released clips with them.  I hear from people are are selling footage regularly on SS that model released footage is where it’s at.  We’ll see.  Overall, they’ve been short-changing their footage business quite a bit and I think a lot of artists as submitting less with them.

The weather here is finally starting to “smooth out” with fewer storms and more “average days” of temperatures in the 80’s.  So that means lots more shooting outdoor.  I’m doing a couple of model shoots this weekend, but I’m going to head out and shoot a lot more outdoor stuff while the weather’s good.  I expect July will be much like June where I won’t get as much online as I’d like, but I’ll have tons of clips ready for editing  during bad weather days.

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