RevoStock making a run for the title

It looks like RevoStock really wants to sell more footage, which is great news!

Within a few days of Pond5 adding support for embedded meta-data, RevoStock also added support.  Both sites were working on it at the same time, Pond5 just beat them to the punch…  But it was far from a knock out and it looks like RevoStock is up for a title fight with some recent changes.

RevoStock now accepts clips encoded in H.264, QuickTime Animation and QuickTime PNG codecs.  Which means that you can upload H.264 .MOV clips directly from cameras that support it, or re-encode in H.264 which provides a LOT more data for buyers.  And the Animation/PNG codecs allow you to include embedded alpha information without having to create a separate luma matte for your animation or chroma key clips.

Also announced today were new options in Flex pricing that allow for more competitive pricing.  The upper limit on pricing was raised to $65 in order to attract more higher end artists and the lower limit on pricing was set at $5 (SD clips, HD clips are $10) to allow for more competitive pricing in the huge animation market where prices on other sites are typically much lower than the previous $30 floor.  It’s still not “create your own price”, but it’s still much better and should allow RevoStock to compete better with Pond5 and ClipCanvas (who also recently updated their pricing).  The new pricing takes effect on May 17th.

The only major feature now missing from RevoStock is optional automatic resizing of clips.  If you want to sell different sizes, you still  have to do all the encoding work yourself.

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  1. jay says:

    I’ve just told revostock to close my account as i was disgusted to see, as an artist, i only get 45% of sales!!! this is totally unfair and i feel they are scamming people.

    Most other places give a fair 50 / 50 split which is totally fair. Under no circumstances should any site like revostock take more then the artists, its total bs!!

    Anyone thinking of using them for music i would say dont! try pond5 instead, i have more success with pond5 then any other site so far.

    Hope this helps

  2. John says:

    You ought to try iStock at 15% my friend!

  3. tbmpvideo says:

    Jay’s comment about signing out of the 45 percent return is understandable, but doesn’t quite understand the nature of different sites. The sights with the largest percentages, generally have the least sales and do the least outreach/serviced to the artist or customer base. Pond5 is the outstanding example, being the best of these types of sites 50/50 sites. iStockphoto, if you understand how to shoot for it – has consistently given me the highest returns, although it’s margin for the artists is lowest. What I loose in percent, I make up in volume. Most artists who contribute to multiple sites find this to be the case.

  4. Dave Navarro says:

    I can live with Revo’s 45%, as John noted it’s not as bad as iStock’s 15% or ShutterStock’s 25%.

    The volume thing on iStock is understandable if you are an established artist. However, their site is designed to make it very difficult for new artists to get established with the limitations on uploads. And their added steps for CG artists make it even more difficult (I have several hundred clips I can’t upload because I no longer have the original project files to take the required screen shots).

    Maybe after the first of the year and the “expected” number of artists there drops off, they’ll increase the upload limit.

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