Spreading the love…

Most people are aware of the saying “Don’t keep your eggs in one basket”… which was probably coined the first time a farmer dropped his basket of eggs.  But the same thing can be said for MicroStock… Don’t just sell your assets through a single agency. There are artists who […] Read more »

February 2010 Sales Stats and News

February was a busy month for me on the home front and I missed a couple of goals, but overall I think things were better.  I increased my portfolio on all sites and my sales were a little up.  MotionDrops put itself up for sale, so I’m dropping them until […] Read more »

My Stock Footage Tool Chest

I am often asked about the tools I use in my Stock Footage business, so rather than answer you all separately, here it is… Video Editing I am currently using Adobe After Effects CS4 to do my video editing.  Expensive, but it really is the best for the job in […] Read more »

What is the future of MicroStock Footage?

Who knows what the future will be… might as well ask what tomorrow’s lottery numbers will be.  I guess the better question is “What SHOULD the future of Stock Footage be?” Most stock footage sites are all about making it easier on them to distribute your footage.  Which means they […] Read more »

Free File of the …

The first week of February I was fortunate to have a clip selected as the Free File of the Week on RevoStock… or so I thought. [vimeo]https://www.vimeo.com/8451486[/vimeo] They selected one of my more recent clips and an animation which took me a lot time to set up and render as […] Read more »