Stock Footage 2009

A new year, heck a new decade has come.  Where does the time go? For stock footage in 2009 there were a few significant changes to existing agencies, but overall not a lot changed.  A few new agencies have showed up, but none of which I would personally consider submitting […] Read more »

Creating a new Stock Footage Site

Being the outspoken person that I am, I run into a LOT of people who either run existing Stock Footage sites, or they are starting up new ones.  And I give them tons of (sometimes unsolicited) advice from my perspective.  And not just the perspective of an artist who is […] Read more »

What’s missing in Stock Footage?

It seems that just about every week there is a new stock footage site popping up.  Lots of people/companies think they can get into the game and make money…  Perhaps they can, but you need a niche and you need to spend a LOT of money on marketing. If you […] Read more »

Being successful in the MicroStock Footage game

My good friend Jake Hellbach wrote an excellent article on the Shutterstock forum about some of the keys to his success in the stock footage business, which you should definitely read.  Besides being extremely talented, Jake is a pretty modest guy.  He really doesn’t like to use the word “successful”, […] Read more »