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I shot close to 6,000 photos and 22 minutes of video footage last week during a 4-day music festival (plus an extra day shooting the set up) and at nearly 100 GB of data, the easiest way to share everything with my client is online. That means upgrading my measly little DropBox account from the free 3.7 GB I have now, but $20 a month for 100 GB is a bit steep.  And I’d need to maintain it for probably at least 6 months to make sure my client gets everything.

So, I did some research and at only $4.99 a month, Google Drive is a much better deal.  The DropBox app and service are more mature and easier to use, configure and share but Google Drive will work and at a much better price.  If you need to share a lot of data (more than the 5 GB of free space they give you), I’d recommend Google Drive.

As long as I’m setting up online file sharing, it’s time to start looking at online file backup as well.  A friend of mine uses Carbonite and likes it, but has issue with their support. I installed the free trial for JustCloud and their desktop app is annoying, but seems to be doing its job.  They only give you 15 GB of free space during the 15-day trial, just enough to get your critical files backed up.  But from doing a comparison of the top 10 or so sites, they have the most features and lowest price for “unlimited” data backup.  I’m going to test that by backing up all 4 of my internal 2 terrabyte hard drives.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

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  1. MrL says:

    what kind of internet connection do you have? how much time does it take to upload 100 GB?

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