April 2010 Sales Report

(WordPress is having issues with the post title, not sure why… but this is the April 2010 report, not March.)

April is a mixed month with overall sales down about 9%, but a new Best Month Ever (BME) at both Pond5 and ShutterStock.  ShutterStock was the surprise for me with 7 sales (8 actually, but I got a refund).  RevoStock is down,  but from what I hear through other artists, sales are way down there anyway on footage (interestingly, their AE project sales are up).  And I was very surprised to have my first sale on newcomer MediaStock after uploading my first batch of 10 clips.  With 4 sales, they’ve matched RevoStock and they have less than 4,000 total items available for sale.

April 2010
Agency Clips Sold Portfolio Size
Pond5 77 (-3) 962 (+56)
RevoStock 4 (-2) 243 (+21)
ShutterStock 7 (+4) 127 (+15)
ClipCanvas 0 (-1) 145 (+59)
MediaStock 4 (+4) 78 (+78)
Can Stock 0 (-2) 30
iStock 0 (-1) 14 (+3)
Fotolia 0 4

Although I had 3 fewer sales on Pond5 this month, I had higher priced clips sell… so my dollar amount was higher this month.  That makes my third consecutive month of increased sales on Pond5 and my second consecutive BME.  I’m sure that the $25,000 in free credits helped with April sales, and will probably help in May as well.  I missed my 1,000 clips online goal for April… but I should have no problem hitting it in May.

RevStock was disappointing again with low sales.  I only uploaded 21 clips, enough to get 1 entry into their monthly contest, but all of my best selling clips from Pond5 are on Revo and they just aren’t selling.  A lot of Revo heavy sellers have told me their footage sales are way down too.  Interestingly, AE sales, which seem to be their bread and butter, are up on Revo for April.  I just got the announcement from iSyndica this morning that RevoStock now supports importing meta-data from .MOV files, so I expect I’ll be uploading a lot more there in May since it’ll be so much easier to submit.  Perhaps you just need a large portfolio there… who knows.

ShutterStock was a shocker with 7 sales in April.  Along with my still sales, I just barely hit the minimum payout for the second month in a row.  A new first.  And a BME as well.  I did have a refund though, which irks the heck out of me.  I really hate the fact they allow buyers to download footage and then decide they made a mistake and get a refund.  Essentially allowing them to steal footage.

Only 3 days into May and I can also report that Pond5 sales are going strong.  I’m not sure why they outsell everyone else in the industry, but they sure know what they’re doing.

Spring has arrived with lots of storms and a lot of sunny days great for shooting outside.  However, I’m hoping to mostly be shooting inside this month with some models/actors.  People shots are where it’s at and I’m hoping to cash in. 🙂

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