Time to start submitting your Stock Footage

Okay, you’ve been shooting video for some time and you’ve picked your best shots to submit.  What do you do next?

If you are submitting to more than one site, you want to create a single clip that meets the needs of all sites.  So, keep your clip length to a maximum of 20 seconds.  If your clip was shot on a tripod, make sure that you don’t have any shudder due to wind or bumping the camera.  So, stabilize your footage.  Even if you have a really great camera (if you do, I don’t like you already) you want to check your footage for noise and run it through a noise reduction filter.  Finally, encode your Quicktime .MOV file using the PhotoJPEG codec at around 85% to 90% quality.  PhotoJPEG isn’t great, but it’s accepted by everyone right now.

If you did not read my previous blogs and you have clips of cloudscapes, ocean waves, traffic, etc. that you want to submit, then do something with them to make them unique.  Stylize them… Black and white, vignette, colorize it… Anything to make it distinct so that it stands out.  A lot of sites suggest that you upload the footage with no changes and let the buyer add post effects, but that was when there wasn’t so much footage available.  The artists who are top sellers today are using products like Magic Bullet Looks or Boris Effects to stylize their footage.  They’re adding lens blur in post, not through the camera lens itself.

After you have uploaded your clips to iSyndica, just fill out the title, description and keywods for each clip.  Try to keep your keywords to around 25 or 35 as many sites are reducing the number of keywords you can add.  After you’ve filled out the info for all your clips, export the data from iSyndica so that you can just “cut and paste” the info when you submit to each site.  Just head to the Syndicate tab now and start the uploading.

The average time for review on most sites is about 3 days.  But there are a couple that are much longer (one site is close to 60 days behind in reviews).

BE PATIENT.  On some sites even after your clips are approved, it takes them a while to show up in searches.  And if you are just starting out, there may be a lot of buyers who “view”  your clip, but don’t buy because you are new with a small portfolio.  So BE PATIENT.  As your continue to submit and your portfolio grows your sales will start.  You just have to BE PATIENT.  (Yes, Davie wants a cracker.)

Good luck!

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